Vielanker Fassbrausen and Lemon Soda


It’s about time to write another review here. Has been far too long since my last article anyways.
We got another package with stuff to review a few weeks back and now I’ve found finally time to try and write about it.
This weeks sodas are from the small Vielanker brewery in Vielank, Mecklenburg in Northern-Germany.
I got a variety of different fassbrause, which literally translates into „keg soda“. It is an old fashioned soda drink which used to be made from fruit, spices and malt extract. The name originates from the soda being stored in the breweries barrels. Originally, fassbrause used to be a spicy, herbal soda, but nowadays there is a pretty broad variety of different flavors. The flavors I am going to taste here are: „Original“, which i suppose is the old fashioned flavor made with spices, „Himbeer“, which is raspberry and „Blaubeer“, which is blueberry. Aditionally I’ve got a bottle of their lemon soda.

I tried to find some information about the history of the brewery, but there doesn’t seem to be too much. Their website is, but that doesn’t give too much information. so I’ll cut right to the point and start the review.

The first drink I’m going to try is the „Original“. As this is supposed to be the classical version of it I guess it’s the best Idea to start with that one.
The soda comes in a transparent .5 liter glass bottle with a swing top, which I really like. Swing tops are, in my opinion a great invention which far more soda-companies should endorse.
The liquid has a transparent, coppery color.
While opening the bottle, a few big bubbles make their way to the surface. Interestingly, the bubbles become more after a few seconds. Usually it’s the other way around. A lot in the beginning and then they’ll become less and less intense.
While pouring the soda into a glass, a fruity, lightly herby scent spreads around me. It smells a little bit of lemon and a little more dominant like artificial sweet apple aroma.
Now that the fassbrause is in the glass, the carbonation seems much more finely then it used to be in the bottle. The bubbles, which are rising to the surface are much smaller then when they used to be in the bottle.
The taste of the soda is pretty good. I like that it is quite sour, as I find that they often forget to put enough acidy tastes in sodas, which makes them a lot less refreshing. Not in this case. This soda is really refreshing. I was hoping for some kind of spicy, herby soda, which I am not getting here. It tastes much more like an apple soda, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I am just a little bit surprised, as they titeled it as their „Original Fassbrause“. There is a hint of some spicy aroma in the background, but that is pretty much neglectable. I can’t even say which herb it could be. The taste-dominance is clearly put on the apple flavors. When I was a kid, I was on a Turkey vacation with my parents and it seemed like everywhere we went, I got a glass of apple tea. But it wasn’t natural apple tea, it used to be this super artificial instant tea powder, which kinda tastes like apple but reminds you more of a chem-lab than the actual thing. Plus it was super sweet. This soda kind of remembers me of that, only that it is a little more sour and carbonated. And cold. I like it. But I’m not sure if I’m liking it because of those memories or if I actually like it.
It is definitely not a bad soda. The carbonation fits really good into the flavor-compositon. At least at the beginning. It seems as if the carbonation is really volatile. After a few minutes in the glass, there is almost no carbonation in the soda left. Which makes it a little less refreshing.
All in all I think I really like it. The soda tastes good and refreshing and it brings back some childhood memories of mine. Not too bad.

The next beverage on my list is the Fassbrause Himbeer. A Raspberry soda.
Same brand, same kind of soda, different taste. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be that surprised by the taste as I have been by the original beverage. The description „raspberry“ can’t be too off from raspberry taste. It will be sweet and I suspect it to be a little like this cheap raspberry syrup you can buy everywhere in Germany to mix it with soda water. The Color of the soda is light red, maybe even a little bit pinkish and transparent.
I open the bottle. The noise scares the shit out of my dog and around me is the smell of raspberry. The carbonation is similar to the previous version. After pouring it into a glass, there are a lot of small bubbles and a lot of carbonation. It didn’t seem as strong when it was in the bottle.
There is a distinctive Raspberry smell in it, which really reminds me of the raspberry syrup I was writing about earlier.
The taste of the raspberry soda is somehow flat. It doesn’t really taste like anything. There is a light artificial raspberry taste right in the beginning for a few seconds, but it is not really present and vanishes in an instant. Something is missing. There is no good sweetness or acidity in it either.
There doesn’t seem to be any aftertaste in it as well. This is nothing I would want to buy as a refreshing beverage on a hot day. Or basically any day. That’s all I’ll write about this beverage. On to the next one:

Fassbrause Blaubeere – Blueberry soda. After tasting the raspberry version I have to say that I am kind of afraid what will happen here. Tasteless artificial raspberry is one thing, but if this one will be similar to that, I’d be terrified. But let’s see.
The color of the soda is transparent pink-purpleish (is that a thing?).
I open this bottle more carefully, because the dog is asleep and He doesn’t approve of being woken up by loud noises. The first smell I get from it actually smells pretty much like blueberry aroma. The second scent is pretty much nothing like blueberry at all though. More like some bubble gum or perfumey, but I am somehow not able to name what it smells like.
The taste is similar. It doesn’t really taste bad, I’m just not able to say what it tastes like. It’s not blueberry though, i can say that with confidence. Unfortunately it doesn’t really taste good either. There is a light acidity in it which makes it a little more refreshing. For me it is just a too artificial taste overall. It’s definitely not that good that I have to finish the whole 500ml bottle. I guess half is enough.

The last soda on my plan today is their lemon soda. And this is, where I lay all my hopes in now after the last two tries.
It actually looks like lemonade. It is milky and has this distinctive white color. Which is kind of special for a German lemon soda. Usually they all look like sprite. I am confident in this one.
I open the bottle and smell. It actually smells more than a bitter lemon than a lemon soda. Also It smells like it will be a pretty dry soda, which isn’t a bad thing. The carbonation seems nice, like in the other sodas I tried here before. Even if I didn’t like their tastes in particular, the carbonation was pretty good in all of them.
The taste is pretty good. Kind of dry with a nice fruitiness. There is just the right amount of acidity in it, which accompanies the sweetness in a really good way. This is a good soda, which I would be willing to drink on a more regular basis. It might be a little bit too sweet for my taste but it’s not too much.

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